B. Maxson Art Studios
Landscapes and Abstract (in acrylic and oil)


When looking at my abstracts, you’ll notice a feeling of balance in composition and palette choices.  Most of the time I will plan out my color choices in advance.  Quite often I paint with colors based on how I feel.  If I’m calm and contemplative I tend to use colors that reflect that mood.  If I’m feeling warm and happy and full of energy, you’ll notice these colors coming out.  There always needs to be a sense of balance in composition.  This reflects my personal need for balance within my life.  If I see something that feels “out of balance”, there is an unbridled urge to correct it.   When I’m painting landscapes, the same is true here.  I also want to paint landscapes that make you say, “I’d love to be here”, or bring back memories of a certain place you’ve been to.

With my abstracts, most of the time, choosing my subject matter all depends on my emotions.  If I’m not “feeling it”  sometimes the painting just doesn’t come together.  There are other times I find that the paint has actually done the work of creating a painting.  When this happens, I believe it is “intuitive painting”, you just know what needs to go with what.  This happens with both my landscapes and my abstracts.  There are times I’ll begin with a thought in mind that I want such-and-such, but what ends up on the canvas is entirely different from the original thought.  Many of my landscapes begin with photo references, usually of places I’ve been to. As part of my abstracts, I have begun doing abstract florals.  With these, it involves painting with my hands and fingers.  It’s an absolutely fantastic way of painting  

Within my landscapes, I’m drawn, again, to the sense of balance.  If what I’m seeing for myself has that balance, both in composition and colors, I’ll consider it for a possible painting either now or in the future.  I have many landscape “possibilities” for references.  My desire with my art is to convey God’s glorious love and peace, both in nature as well as the beauty we create ourselves.

I don’t necessarily have any specific plan for what painting I do next.  I have done several “miniseries”.  An example is my lily pad series.  I found myself drawn to them, so I decided to paint them in different compositions.  I also went through a series of geographic abstract paintings.

There is a process for me to consider a painting a success.  There are times I will come back to a piece several times after my original declaration of “done”.  If there’s ever a feeling of “something is off”, I don’t consider it complete, a success.

Most of my work is with acrylics but I do use oils from time to time.  You will always find some amount of texture in my pieces, as you will always see two line-drawn birds, either within the painting or in my signature.


1/2018. 11/2019. 11/2020. 

NCAC (North Country Arts Council) Juried Art Show, Dulles Office Building, Watertown, NY

9/28/2019. 10/3/2020.   

St. Lawrence County Arts Council Juried Art Show 

10/2018. 10/2019

Remington Art Festival, Canton, NY (Juried Art Festival) through St. Lawrence County Arts Council

Spring 2020

“Women In The Arts” Juried Art Show through Remington Museum, Ogdensburg, NY

Fall 2020.

Remington Art Museum Juried Art Show

My artwork has been mentioned in on a few occasions in the Gouverneur Tribune Press 2019 and 2020