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(posted on 10 Jan 2024)

Greetings Friends,

I made it through 2023 and am in a brand new year, 2024.  As of right now, I don't have any new events set for the year, but I am planning a few classes to begin with.  Currently, I am working with  the TIAC (Thousand Island Arts Center in Clayton, NY) to schedule a few palette Knife classes for one of my favorite flowers:  the sunflower.  If possible, I hope to schedule a two-day class (2 days but 1 week apart) for teaching my flower making with heavy texture paint.  My goal is to schedule at least one class a month while at the same time doing one event a month through the Summer and Fall.  Then, of course, I hope to enter whatever Juried shows near by which my artwork will fit into. My first 2 pieces for this year are below.  I think I really like them. 

"Let's Explore Beyond The Trees"  12" x 24" Landscape and "Birches on a Hill" 12" x 12" Heavy texture


**As will all my artwork, they are for sale.  You are getting a sneak peak of them before I get them up on my website.  (Let's Explore = $430  Birches = $150)  Keep in mind that I take credit Cards through Square, PayPal, checks and payments divided for your convenience.  You can reach me via my email, or my phone ( bmaxson1957@gmail.com   or  518-701-8917 )

**One other note of interest...On this Saturday at 1:00 EST I'll be on Facebook (both my personal page and my art page) hosting a Live Question and Answer time.  Plan to join me.  Mark you calendars.  Have your questions in mind and even ask to see how I do something.  I am open to anything.

I hope and pray your 2023 was a good year and this year of 2024 will be a great year for you.


God bless to all, 


B. Maxson Art Studios

(posted on 3 Nov 2023)

My humble apologies for being delinquent with the past few newsletters.  I actually had one I thought was sent for Sept/October happenings.  But I was interrupted in the sending process and my laptop shut down without me saving it.  You probably know what happened there.  Sadly, that one was in the ethereal world of "somewhere". Well, this one I sincerely intend to complete before my laptop closes on its own.  

So, here is what is happening in my life in the art world for this month.  

First, I am thrilled to participating in the North Country Arts Council (NCAC) 75th Fall Juried Art Show.  This is my sixth year having pieces of my artwork accepted.  This year I submitted 5 pieces, all heavy texture of some sort and all 5 were accepted.  This is quite an honor.  The pieces are shown below.



If you are at all interested in one of these, please let me know.  I will need to direct you to the proper person within NCAC for the purchasing process.

Second, a fascinating bit of information also has to do with NCAC.  I have been asked to be a part of their board in 2024 helping in the Education part.  It will entail helping to create fun and artistic opportunities within the communities for people to share in the experience of the arts.  I am excited for this open door.  

Next, this weekend, if you are local to me, please head to Potsdam to the Market Street Mall to check out my set up for the SLCA Studio Tours.  I will not be in my own studio (because they tell me I am the only artist at this far end of the St. Lawrence County.  That's what I get for living in such a huge county.)  I plan to bring a few things which will allow me to provide a couple of demonstrations on the Heavy Texture process.  Please stop in to support me.  It will mean a great deal. 

To all of you who faithfully follow me and my work, I thank you.  Especially during this upcoming Thanksgiving season, I am truly grateful to my followers and my Collectors of my artwork.  I believe it is a gift from God, the ability to paint and create beautiful things.  For me, this is my chance to let you all know my heart in this matter.


Happy Thanksgiving to all,


(posted on 9 Jul 2023)

Greetings Friends;

Looking back at my blogs/newsletters, I realized I missed the June newsletter.  In June, I participated in the NCAC (North Country Arts Council) Pop-up Market on June 10.  It was a fantastic event all the way around.  The music NCAC had playing/singing was amazing.  I had the privilege of meeting Tom Contino, a fellow artist.  I was also able to meet many, many fantastic and interesting people coming through my booth.  This is one of the cool things about doing this type of events.  It sort of sounds funny to my introvert ears.  But, when I am able to talk about and share with others things that I love, such as my art, I can forget my nervousness about meeting new people.  Isn't that amazing?

Ok, now on to July.  We've made it through the first few days of the month without mishap: busy days and an Independence Day (days) visit from our son and his 2 very active sons.  Not a lot of painting with these days.

However, for events in the rest of July, I'm planning a local art class for a private setting later this month. 

Let me share about holding your own private classes.  I am willing to come to your home to teach you how to do this heavy texture technique If you do the planning and inviting of others interested, too, I'll give you a 15% discount on your class fee.  I supply all needed materials.  You just show up.  

If you would like to hold one, contact me either via email, phone or message. (contact information: bmaxson1957@gmail.com or phone: 518-701-8917 You can either text me or call.  If I don't pick up, please leave me a message.  I'll get back to you as soon as possible.)   

Also, ....

If you're local to me, check out the Cape Vincent Festival.  It's on Saturday, July 29 in the village of Cape Vincent, NY.  It is an all day event. I'll be there with my artwork for you to enjoy and of course purchase.

Please feel free to share this information with your friends and invite them out.  

See you around,

God bless,


(posted on 17 May 2023)

Greetings Friends,


I'm finally back to my routine after an amazing vacation in Sarasota, Fl. on Siesta Key.  Sarasota is my "home" in that I lived there for several years while in Highschool.  My heart still yearns for the sound, smells and feel of the beaches there.  I personally think they are the absolute best.  Alas I'm back home in Northern, NY.  It's quite chilly compared to Florida but, that's where I live.  I have chosen a few pictures I took while there and will hopefully create some paintings from them.  One is already complete.  A few more to come.  

Ok, what is new this month?  I have one painting in the Remington Art Museum Juried Member's Show going on now.  The Opening Reception is this Friday, May 20.  It will run until September, so I'll add the link to the site to view the pieces, (probably next month) once it's up on their page.  The Remington is in Ogdensburg, NY.  If you haven't been, it's really a nice place to see Frederic Remington.  He painted Old American Western pieces, in addition to his sculptures in Bronz Cast.) 

 Also, just a reminder, I hold classes of 10-12 people for doing any number of my pieces in heavy texture or with palette knife.  If you are local and would love to hold a class, I give a 15% discount to you, the organizer and charge accordingly for the rest of the students.  Email me with your request at bmaxson1957@gmail.com and I'll explain how it works.

That's about it for now.  I have several events on schedule this summer as well as classes scheduled, in addition to creating works.  I have pieces in my head waiting to come out as soon as I take the time.  

Follow me on Facebook @BMaxsonStudios to catch new artwork available.  I gladly take commissions.


That's all for now,

Take care,


(posted on 25 Apr 2023)

Greetings friends,


I'm delinquent in getting this month's email out.  It has been an overly busy month.  However, having said that, let's get on with filling you in on this month's happenings.

I have the exciting news that I have been accepted into two juried shows this month.  The first is going on now at the Masonic Temple in Watertown through the North Country Arts Council.  It will be there until May 6.  Head over there and view them in addition to the other artists' works.  

The other juried show is in Ogdensburg, NY.  The Remington Museum's Member's Juried Art Exhibit.  One piece was accepted here.  It will be showing at the Remington Museum from May 20 to September 10.  I'll share this information again in next month's newsletter.  I'll also share the link for allowing you to head to the site to vote on "Public's Choice", which, of course, I'd greatly appreciate your vote.

So, I love sharing my artwork and how to create what I do, with anyone who asks.  In saying this, I am letting you know that I am glad to hold a small class with you in creating your own Heavy Texture Floral masterpiece.  If you're local to me and would love to have one of these classes, just contact me either via email, phone or on Facebook messenger.  I'll fill you in on what is involved.

I'm headed to Florida at the end of this week.  I plan on enjoying my favorite place...Siesta Key Beach...as much as possible.  Who knows, perhaps I'll even come up with a few seascapes from my vacation.

Thanks for following me and my artwork adventures.  I humbly appreciate each of you.


God bless, 




(posted on 6 Mar 2023)



I've added a few new pieces to my website. Head over and check it out.  

I have been busy lately getting some small pieces and Flower Magnets created.  Soon, I will create a page on my website for you to see them.  (Oh, just a side note...If you head to my website, see something you love but don't have PayPal, please, please, simply contact me so we can work together to that piece to you).

January and February are typically slow months, no classes or shows or events going on and thus it was this year.  I do have a class scheduled for the 25th.  If you are local to me, head over to Facebook to North Country Arts Council.  They are the ones hosting the class. Also...for my local followers, if you would like to host your own class, pop me an email with some dates available for you and we can see what happens.  I give a 15% discount on your class fee for hosting.  Let me know.

Now, to what I want to show you today.  The link below is my newest creation.  It's one link that will take you to all the sites I have. It will take you to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, AND my email.  


So...go ahead. Visit it, visit my website, pages and then SHARE.  I always love when people share my work.


Until next time,



(posted on 17 Feb 2023)

Greetings Friends,

February is here and, actually, more than halfway over.  


I took the opportunity to take a place some of my small works in the Mall shop "The 315 Artisan's Market" in The Salmon Run Mall in Watertown, NY.  I'll also participate in holding small classes there from time to time for any locals wishing to learn how to create gorgeous heavy texture pipped florals.  These will be in addition to the classes help from time to time via NCAC and in Cape Vincent as well as, perhaps, in Potsdam. I'd love it if you'd feel free to spread the news. Especially if you're local to me.

Speaking of classes, I have one scheduled through North Country Arts Center for March 7 @1:00.  So, again, if you're local, check it out. 

It's a new year and I'm happy to take commissions or ideas for new classes or ideas for a new floral arrangement to paint or...any idea.  Got one?  Shoot me an email or message or text and let's talk and share ideas.

Follow me on Facebook ( link here...http://www.facebook.com/BMaxsonStudios/   or on Instagram (link here... https://www.instagram.com/brendamaxsonart ) to see what's new.  I'm working on updating my website with new pieces added for your purchase, so head over to any of these sites and check it out.  And... I try to add short videos on my YouTube channel.  So, head over there, SUBSCRIBE please and like my videos. Oh, and feel free to share these links.  I really appreciate that.  Here's the YouTube link... (https://www.youtube.com/@brendamaxson4961/featured )  

Well, that's enough for now.

Until next month,




(posted on 15 Jan 2023)

Greetings Friends, 


Well, we've entered a brand new year. It's new with many great possibilities.  


I'm thrilled that this year has begun with the sale of one of my 10" x 20" pieces called "Basket Full of Love". It now currently resides in Pennsylvania.  And, to top off that tidbit of great news, I'm exploring the avenue of selling my small pieces at The 315 Artisean Market. This is a stor in the Salmon Run Mall in Watertown, NY.  Excited to see where this leads.


One more tidbit of news, which if you're local to me might be of interest.  On January 28th (Saturday) I'll be teaching a Textured painting class.  It's using a palette knife to paint an 8" x 8" painting of 3 gorgeous sunflowers  (one of my favorite flowers).  The piece is called "Three For Me".  


Finally, here's just a reminder that have gift cards available to you for purchase at any time. Just email me, or message me. I'll need to know how much you want to put on it for your gift. I'll get out to you as soon as I can. 


That's all for now.  I pray your year ahead is filled with goodness and love. 


God bless, 

Brenda Maxson 

(posted on 5 Dec 2022)

Greetings Friends, 


I do hope everyone is doing well and that you enjoyed family and friends for Thanksgiving.  We were able to have our son as well as some young friends come join us.  We managed to eat a sufficient amount, not excessive but a yummy amount.  


The NCAC Fall Juried Art Show came to an end with the end of November.  I'm always sad to see these shows come to an end.  


I have 1 remaining event for 2022. I'll be participating in another pop-up market. If you're local to me, it's in Mares Wares in Rte 37 outside of Morristown, NY.  You'll find me there on Saturday, December 17th. 


Finally, are you struggling to come up with a Christmas gift for that one hard-to-get-for person?  I have the PERFECT gift.  I now have loadable gift cards. You decide the amount.  Contact me and we'll get it done. 


I'm wishing everyone a delightful Christmas with family...or friends or both. Also, Happy New Year,  too. That's coming next. 


So...reminder here...1)  gift cards available!!   


2)  local friends...see you at Mares Wares December 17th. 



God bless, 




(posted on 10 Nov 2022)

Greetings All,


I'm a tad behind the scene here.  I totally forgot to send out a newsletter in October.  And here we are in November.  If I don't get this out soon, I'll be so swamped with things to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas we'll be in January of 2023 before I remember again.

So, having said that...

Here's some information in reference to what's going on with shows, my artwork and everything in between.  I currently have 5 pieces in the North Country Arts Council 74 Annual Fall Juried Art Show.

 This series titled "I AM The Vine" is just one of the 5.  If you are local to me you can head over to the Dulles Office Building before November 26 to catch my work there.  


I have slowly been getting myself back to work creating and attending events around since my surgery and ensuing health issues that slowed me down at the beginning half of the year.  2022 has not been a good year for me, but my artwork has kept me "sane".  

The BIG NEWS is I have reopened my Etsy shop.  Here's how you can find them (Click link below).

 **** https://www.etsy.com/shop/BMaxsonArtStudios ****

This posting in Etsy is a trial run to see if anything sells.  We'll decide in a few months if it stays up and running.  Please feel free to share this information with all your friends so they can visit my shop and purchase direct from there.  If you see anything on the website or Facebook or even on Instagram which you want to purchase, feel free to contact me if you have questions. Pieces on Etsy can be directly purchased from there.  Instagram and Facebook you need to contact me.  You can use PayPal here on my website for purchasing.


That's all for now.  I'm hoping to be doing a class in December and I have one last event, an indoor pop-up market in Morristown, NY at Mares Wares on Saturday, December 17.


See you there.


PS...Remember, check out my Etsy shop and spread the news.  Link here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/BMaxsonArtStudios


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