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(posted on 5 Apr 2020)

So...what an interesting title for a blog post.  We have been having some rather tiresome weeks go by.  I will be totally honest with you, I am beginning to see the days go by and find myself as if I am in the movie "Groundhog Day" with the actor Bill Murray. One day blends into another and all of a sudden I can't remember what day it is. 

Hopefully, everyone is being safe, staying home and doing their best to not get this vicious virus.  While it has not hit home for me, I do know several people who have or know people that it has affected in some way. So, if you are an artist or just "playing with art", it is my thought at this time that you enjoy this time you have of "forced" confinement and see what you can do with experimentation and growth.  Discover something new within your what you love to do.  If you do abstract, try a new technique.  The same applies with landscapes.  If you work with oils, try acrylics. 

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with experimentation and there are NO failures.  We are all just learning.  So, while we are inside, enjoy it while we can.

God bless, stay safe.