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(posted on 17 Dec 2021)

Greetings All,


I thought I'd share with you in this newsletter a few tidbits of "concluding" happenings.  What do you mean by this, you might ask?  That's easy, read on.  It was a terribly busy November and even into December. 

In November I had five pieces in the North Country Arts Council Fall Art Show.  This was in Watertown, which concluded last week, and I'm told that despite COVID restrictions, the show was a success.  If any of you were able to view all the fantastic works, I'm sure you were blown away as I was.  I had several positive comments about my own works as well.  

The next event I shared with you last month was the Creative Partners Showcase through St. Lawrence Arts Council located at 6 Raymond St. in Potsdam, NY.  If you are local as well as you who are at a distance from Potsdam, here's the link to head to view the works both the Creative Partners Showcase and the Online Shop.  I have my works in both. ( https://slcartscouncil.org ).  The Creative Partners Showcase concluded this past week, but you will be able to still view my pieces and also purchase from this link.  Search under "Events" and "Shop".



I wanted to show you the pieces you can view and shop for by attaching them in the newsletter. 

One last bit of information.  I'll be teaching a few more classes.  These are at SLAC in Potsdam.  Keep your eye out for the Events in Facebook.


All that being said, I'll conclude by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.  To each of you, I thank you for your for your loyalty and, above all, enjoyment of my art.  For this is the primary reason I create...so others can love a bit of what I love...beautiful art.  

I update my website ( www.brendamaxsonart.com ) often so pop over to see what is new.  Maybe you'll find something to fall in love with.  Also, just an FYI, my prices will be changing in January.


Again, thank you all, be safe and God bless,