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(posted on 5 Jan 2022)

Greetings Everyone, 

Yes, I'd like to welcome all to this brand-new year.  Everyone knows that new beginnings are good, so here we go, off to a good start.  

If you are local to me, I'd like to remind you that on January 20th I will be holding a class for painting a landscape.  It's called "Foggy Morning Flight".  If you are local and want to attend, then go to this link:  https://slcartscouncil.org/winter-classes/    to sign up.  There are a limited number of seats available.  

The picture above is what we will be doing.  And, as with all my work, there will be texture.  In this one, not lots, just enough to lend to the "I want to touch".

After this class session, I will be taking a break from painting and teaching.  I'm also not too sure how much posting I'll be doing for a bit.  On January 26 I'm scheduled for surgery on my back so that will put me out of commission for several weeks.  The only wrinkle here to this plan is if I end up contracting one of the COVID variants.  

I hope and pray you are all well, and may God bless you throughout this year.  


That's all for now,


Brenda Maxson

B. Maxson Art Studios

("Touch" the artist within you)