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(posted on 7 May 2020)

Greetings friends, 


I hope everyone is doing well this Thursday afternoon...not too bored with being confined. And I hope everyone is safe and germ free. 


The great news I have to share is about my painting,  "Who Rules the Waves". I entered it into the Remington Museum Juried Art Show recently along with 2 others. It was chosen of the 3 to be in the show.  


This, alone, is thrilling news for me. But...I received news just a few days ago that it has been purchased. So, would you join me in enjoying my great news. 


If you would like to see it and the others in the show,  you can go to the Remington Art Museum's website and click on the events tab. Or, you can click on this link. http://www.fredericremington.org.


Thanks for being happy with me about this news. Let me know, also, if you have any questions or thoughts for me. Feel free to share this information and to check out my website.  www.brendamaxsonart.com 


Take care and stay safe,


Brenda Maxson