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Landscapes and Abstract (in acrylic and oil)


(posted on 26 Jun 2020)

Greetings one and all!


I'm trusting that everyone is staying safe and doing as well as they can for now.  


In this particular email, I'd like to toss around the idea of an invitation for each of you.  Due to most of my events that were planned for my spring and summer seem to be cancelled, I have been thinking of holding a virtual "show" of my own.  I'd post the dates etc. here and on my Facebook page as well as on my Instagram page.


What would this virtual show consist of?  Well, first, I'd like to invite you to take a virtual tour of my paintings as well as my studio (humble as it is).  Also, if you are local to me, here in Northern, NY and would like an actual tour, or just actually like to come and see my artwork in person, we can do that as well. 


I'm thinking of setting up my tent I use in shows/fairs in my yard on particular days so people can actually come out for a look around, purchase if they desire and enjoy a day out.  


Please feel free to respond to this so I can know your thoughts.  If you think it's a good idea, next email, I'll give you the details.  I'm really interested in knowing your opinions.


Watch for announcements on my Facebook page and for another email.  I'll watch for emails from you. 


Thanks again and God bless,


Brenda Maxson

B. Maxson Art Studios