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Textured Acrylic Florals


(posted on 6 Mar 2023)



I've added a few new pieces to my website. Head over and check it out.  

I have been busy lately getting some small pieces and Flower Magnets created.  Soon, I will create a page on my website for you to see them.  (Oh, just a side note...If you head to my website, see something you love but don't have PayPal, please, please, simply contact me so we can work together to that piece to you).

January and February are typically slow months, no classes or shows or events going on and thus it was this year.  I do have a class scheduled for the 25th.  If you are local to me, head over to Facebook to North Country Arts Council.  They are the ones hosting the class. Also...for my local followers, if you would like to host your own class, pop me an email with some dates available for you and we can see what happens.  I give a 15% discount on your class fee for hosting.  Let me know.

Now, to what I want to show you today.  The link below is my newest creation.  It's one link that will take you to all the sites I have. It will take you to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, AND my email.  


So...go ahead. Visit it, visit my website, pages and then SHARE.  I always love when people share my work.


Until next time,