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(posted on 10 Jan 2024)

Greetings Friends,

I made it through 2023 and am in a brand new year, 2024.  As of right now, I don't have any new events set for the year, but I am planning a few classes to begin with.  Currently, I am working with  the TIAC (Thousand Island Arts Center in Clayton, NY) to schedule a few palette Knife classes for one of my favorite flowers:  the sunflower.  If possible, I hope to schedule a two-day class (2 days but 1 week apart) for teaching my flower making with heavy texture paint.  My goal is to schedule at least one class a month while at the same time doing one event a month through the Summer and Fall.  Then, of course, I hope to enter whatever Juried shows near by which my artwork will fit into. My first 2 pieces for this year are below.  I think I really like them. 

"Let's Explore Beyond The Trees"  12" x 24" Landscape and "Birches on a Hill" 12" x 12" Heavy texture


**As will all my artwork, they are for sale.  You are getting a sneak peak of them before I get them up on my website.  (Let's Explore = $430  Birches = $150)  Keep in mind that I take credit Cards through Square, PayPal, checks and payments divided for your convenience.  You can reach me via my email, or my phone ( bmaxson1957@gmail.com   or  518-701-8917 )

**One other note of interest...On this Saturday at 1:00 EST I'll be on Facebook (both my personal page and my art page) hosting a Live Question and Answer time.  Plan to join me.  Mark you calendars.  Have your questions in mind and even ask to see how I do something.  I am open to anything.

I hope and pray your 2023 was a good year and this year of 2024 will be a great year for you.


God bless to all, 


B. Maxson Art Studios