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(posted on 6 Sep 2022)

Greetings All,

Well, I managed to be so very busy through the month of August that it came and went without a blog post/newsletter.  

So, let me bring you up to date on "things".  

I decided to enter 3 of my larger pieces, 10" x 20" into a juried art show in a gallery in Wisconsin.  They were accepted and off they went.  I believe I shared this with everyone in the last letter. I'm hoping they all sell.  We shall see.  

I was also part of an art market this past weekend in Potsdam.  I had a good outcome.  Sold four pieces as well as many cards and mini creations.  In addition, I met some lovely people and had great conversations.  The weather was even cooperative, not too hot, and not too cool.  Looking forward to next year's event.  

I am entering three black and white pieces into a juried art show, at the same gallery in Wisconsin as the larger ones currently there.  I'm hoping and praying I get in.

So... why do I apply for entry into gallery or museum juried art shows?  Well, there are several reasons.  One is exposure.  Putting my name and artwork out there in these type events is always a good thing.  The more I can be seen, the more my art will grow.  I'm not looking to become famous, just 'known".  Does that make sense?  I want as many people as I can while I am alive to be able to really enjoy my artwork and the gift I believe God has given me.  Another reason is simple, I would eventually like to be able to be represented by a gallery.  Here, again, the more my name gets out there, the higher my chances of eventually realizing my goal.

There you have it.  Life according to Brenda.  Until next month,