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Textured Acrylic Florals


(posted on 12 Jul 2022)

Hello again from my studios,


Some people think that artists do only one type of art all their career.  While that may be true for a few artists, many actually explore a variety of styles and mediums prior to settling on their main focus.  I'd love to share with you my "history" with my art exploration.  

I have always been a creative person.  As a child I'd draw anything and everything.  If there was a craft idea at school, I would love it.  As I grew and began with family responsibilities, I looked for something I could do for "me time".  This included teaching myself to crochet and knit.  I also took up exploring working with acrylic paints in the Bob Ross techniques.  Acrylic paint was better for having young children around with fingers wanting to touch anything...it dried way faster than oil paints.  During my "kids at home" stage of life, I explored building furniture from wood I'd cut down, caning chairs, basket weaving, and wire wrapped jewelry making and a stint with pouring paint just to name a few.  All the while these were explored, I'd occasionally get my paints out and work with them.  

With retirement came free time which I could return to my true love of working with paints.  I was painting in the "traditional" method with my artwork.  But there seemed to always be more paint on my canvas than I'd see on other artists' work.  I thought this was interesting and did some research on painting with texture.  See, I'm a tactile person finding sometimes a need to touch and feel texture.  Well, enter the world of palette knife painting and what I have discovered to be called either Sculptured painting or just Heavy Texture painting.   

I think I'm in love with this style. The depth that texture creates in a painting is fantastic.  And I can obtain this depth through palette knife painting or heavy texture painting.  It's a tactile person's dream come true.  

So, there is a tidbit of background on me and where I am with my style of artwork.

Now, here's a bit of NEWS for those on my Facebook feed.  On August 20 at 1:00 (Eastern time) I'll be hosting a paid online class.  I have established an early payment discount so head over.  Get set up early so you will have time to get your supplies.   See you there.


Take care and God bless,



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