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(posted on 4 Jun 2022)

Greetings all, 


I thought it was time to get back into the habit of my monthly emails to my followers.  Just to bring you up to par, my delay in the newsletters has to do with my recent back surgery.  Very long story, short what was supposed to be a short recovery time, as in 6 weeks with 3 to 4 weeks, of no painting turned into 10 weeks of frustrating time.  I am back to painting but I am still dealing with some healing for a while. 


So, on to artwork. 


Let me share this bit of news.  I have my "I Am the Vine" set in the Remington Art Museum Juried show.  If you have not yet seen it, please feel free to head over there, either via online or to the museum in Ogdensburg, NY.  Also, if I may ask if you head to their website:   https://fredericremington.org/2022-members-juried-art-exhibit.php 

Head to the bottom of the page.  Click the link for "Vote Here--Public Choice Award" and vote for my work.  Thanks very much for your support. Here are the pieces I have in the show.       


I wish to thank you for your admiration of my artwork and for following me on Facebook and Instagram.  I will be putting more videos on YouTube from time to time.  So, head there, check them out, "Like" them and follow.  As always, please feel free to share my Facebook and Instagram  


Take care and we'll see you around.

"Go ahead and touch my art"

Brenda Maxson

(posted on 7 Mar 2022)

Greetings Friends,

I hope you are all well.  Today I wish to share just a bit of information with you.  As a reminder, I have begun a YouTube channel to allow those who follow me the opportunity to see and learn alone with me as I paint and create some of my Heavy Texture Florals.  I might even add some landscapes along the way.  


This third video shows the creation of "Chosen" which is a set of 5 white Heavy Texture roses set in a gold vase set against a black background.  "Chosen" is one of a series called "I Am Loved".  I will be updating my website to include it soon.  



You can watch the video by clicking HERE.  Please make sure you hit that LIKE button and Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you have not already.  And of course, feel free to share.  


In addition to this video, I wanted to let you know to begin to keep your eyes open for monthly classes taught by me (if you're local to me...Watertown, Potsdam, or Gouverneur).  I'll share this information here when I can as well as on my Facebook page and on Instagram. 

As of now, I have a 2-day class scheduled through SLCA in Potsdam scheduled on April 15 and 16.  It's a 2-day class because I take you through the creation of the heavy texture rose creation one day and then guide you in the creation of the piece on the second day.  I provide all the necessary supplies for a class I teach that way you know you have the correct items. 

I will also be teaching classes in Watertown through NCAC (North Country Arts Council).  The scheduling of dates is being worked on. 

If you live in or around Gouverneur, watch for a "Paint and Sip" class scheduled for May 18 at the Copper Roof on Main St in Gouverneur.  Sign-up will be through Artistry at NorthCountry Crossroads, which is the little store directly across from the Copper Roof.  Sign up for this through Facebook Events.

I realize not everyone lives close enough to attend a class so that is why I began my YouTube channel.  Again, Here is the link for the most recent posting.  


Thank you all for your love and appreciation of my work.


That's all for now,

Take care and God bless,


Brenda Maxson

B. Maxson Art Studios



(posted on 4 Feb 2022)

Greetings friends,                                                                                                  


I hope all is well for everyone.  This month's email will be relatively short.  I don't have events planned for a while since I have my back surgery coming up.  I have no idea how I will manage without being to paint for the first part of recovery!  Yes, for me, painting and creating are a need.  I realize that before I had time to actually paint, I was doing all sorts of "creating" in one fashion or another.  So, yes, I have the time now, and I must create something.  So, how about you?  Have you ever stopped to think about this?  If you are creative, I bet you feel much the same.

I do have one bit of exciting information to share with you.  I have decided to "bite the bullet" and begin a YouTube channel.  It's simply "Brenda Maxson".  I'll share the link below.  My desire with the YouTube channel is to share my artwork, but not just the artwork.  I want to share the process of how I create my pieces. 

As always, if you have any ideas for a piece, please either email me or message me on Facebook.  I'm always open to color suggestions or trying different flowers. One I am hoping to try is a daffodil in the piping style of heavy texture.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel.  Please remember to "LIKE" it with a "thumbs up" and please subscribe so you can be made aware when other videos become available.  And YES, please share my channel for others to view.

**YouTube link: https://youtu.be/KTxBzxqrg8A

 Look for this image...

Thanks for following me and for admiring my art.  As always, if something catches your eye and says..."You need me", don't hesitate to contact me.  I take checks, credit cards or work through PayPal.  


Thant's all for now and God bless, be safe.


B. Maxson Art Studios



(posted on 5 Jan 2022)

Greetings Everyone, 

Yes, I'd like to welcome all to this brand-new year.  Everyone knows that new beginnings are good, so here we go, off to a good start.  

If you are local to me, I'd like to remind you that on January 20th I will be holding a class for painting a landscape.  It's called "Foggy Morning Flight".  If you are local and want to attend, then go to this link:  https://slcartscouncil.org/winter-classes/    to sign up.  There are a limited number of seats available.  

The picture above is what we will be doing.  And, as with all my work, there will be texture.  In this one, not lots, just enough to lend to the "I want to touch".

After this class session, I will be taking a break from painting and teaching.  I'm also not too sure how much posting I'll be doing for a bit.  On January 26 I'm scheduled for surgery on my back so that will put me out of commission for several weeks.  The only wrinkle here to this plan is if I end up contracting one of the COVID variants.  

I hope and pray you are all well, and may God bless you throughout this year.  


That's all for now,


Brenda Maxson

B. Maxson Art Studios

("Touch" the artist within you)




(posted on 17 Dec 2021)

Greetings All,


I thought I'd share with you in this newsletter a few tidbits of "concluding" happenings.  What do you mean by this, you might ask?  That's easy, read on.  It was a terribly busy November and even into December. 

In November I had five pieces in the North Country Arts Council Fall Art Show.  This was in Watertown, which concluded last week, and I'm told that despite COVID restrictions, the show was a success.  If any of you were able to view all the fantastic works, I'm sure you were blown away as I was.  I had several positive comments about my own works as well.  

The next event I shared with you last month was the Creative Partners Showcase through St. Lawrence Arts Council located at 6 Raymond St. in Potsdam, NY.  If you are local as well as you who are at a distance from Potsdam, here's the link to head to view the works both the Creative Partners Showcase and the Online Shop.  I have my works in both. ( https://slcartscouncil.org ).  The Creative Partners Showcase concluded this past week, but you will be able to still view my pieces and also purchase from this link.  Search under "Events" and "Shop".



I wanted to show you the pieces you can view and shop for by attaching them in the newsletter. 

One last bit of information.  I'll be teaching a few more classes.  These are at SLAC in Potsdam.  Keep your eye out for the Events in Facebook.


All that being said, I'll conclude by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.  To each of you, I thank you for your for your loyalty and, above all, enjoyment of my art.  For this is the primary reason I create...so others can love a bit of what I love...beautiful art.  

I update my website ( www.brendamaxsonart.com ) often so pop over to see what is new.  Maybe you'll find something to fall in love with.  Also, just an FYI, my prices will be changing in January.


Again, thank you all, be safe and God bless,



(posted on 17 Nov 2021)

Greetings all, 


I hope you are all well and blessed.  I wanted to share a couple of events with you.  If you do not live local to me and/or are not able to attend these events, I wanted to share the page links so you could "attend" via online links.


The first event is with the North Country Arts Council (NCAC) located in Watertown, NY (Jefferson County).  I have the privilege of having 5 of my art pieces accepted into their Fall Juried Art Show which runs this month from Friday, November 19 which is the Opening Reception.  The reception is from 5:00- 8:00 p.m. at the Watertown Dulles Office Building.  If you would like to view the artwork pieces the link is here ( http://www.nnyart.org ). You can go to the Dulles Office Building to see all the fantastic pieces of artwork until December 11, 2021.


Next, I'd love to share with you that I also have 3 artwork pieces in the St. Lawrence Council on Arts (SLCA).  The Juried Art Show here is titled Creative Partners Showcase.  Their website link is here:  ( https://slcartscouncil.org ).  Look for Creative Partners Showcase under events.  This event runs from November 27 with the Grand Opening on Friday, November 27. 


Also, with the SLCA, I have added 4 of my pieces to their Online Shop.  They don't quite have that up on their website yet because it's unveiling will be on the 27th as well.  So, check back to see those great collections.

(posted on 26 Jun 2020)

Greetings one and all!


I'm trusting that everyone is staying safe and doing as well as they can for now.  


In this particular email, I'd like to toss around the idea of an invitation for each of you.  Due to most of my events that were planned for my spring and summer seem to be cancelled, I have been thinking of holding a virtual "show" of my own.  I'd post the dates etc. here and on my Facebook page as well as on my Instagram page.


What would this virtual show consist of?  Well, first, I'd like to invite you to take a virtual tour of my paintings as well as my studio (humble as it is).  Also, if you are local to me, here in Northern, NY and would like an actual tour, or just actually like to come and see my artwork in person, we can do that as well. 


I'm thinking of setting up my tent I use in shows/fairs in my yard on particular days so people can actually come out for a look around, purchase if they desire and enjoy a day out.  


Please feel free to respond to this so I can know your thoughts.  If you think it's a good idea, next email, I'll give you the details.  I'm really interested in knowing your opinions.


Watch for announcements on my Facebook page and for another email.  I'll watch for emails from you. 


Thanks again and God bless,


Brenda Maxson

B. Maxson Art Studios



(posted on 11 Jun 2020)

Greetings all,


I'd like to share with you that I've recently added the link to Fine Art America.  "Why?" you may ask?  

Well, if you check out my website, going to the page titled "Links", you will find the particular link that will get you to my page.  While you are there exploring all they have to offer, you'll see you can purchase things like pillows, coffee cups, towels, phone covers, prints of various sizes and types, from one of my paintings.  All of these are at very reasonable prices. 

If, perchance, you love one of my paintings which are not on that site and you'd love to purchase something from them, just give me a call (518-701-8917 and leave a message) or write me at bmaxson1957@gamil.com and tell me which painting you'd like.  From there, I'll simply add the painting you're requesting and you can take it from there.

(also...here's the link just in case you want to head over there now.)  https://fineartamerica.com/art/brenda+maxson

Hope all are staying safe and well.  As soon as things get back to "normal" and I'm allowed to, I plan on creating some more classes.  If you have suggestions for something to do, feel free to email me those.


Take care, and God bless,

Brenda Maxson


(posted on 28 May 2020)
(posted on 28 May 2020)

Greetings again,

As I begin this current Blog, I first want to take a moment to, again, say that I hope everyone is staying safe...as safe as they can, anyway.  I pray that this pandemic ends soon and we can all get back to our "new normal" that is close to the "old normal". While we are all being close to home and spending more time with kids and spouses, etc, I'm hoping that when we return to life, we remember the closeness in relationships we have adjusted to now.  One pet peeve I have is that, as we get more technological, we tend to begin to separate ourselves from those around us.  So, one thing I think would be great for families, especially with kids, is that the adults encourage time in the arts.  Whether it's bringing up information on that technological devices about artists and the different types of artwork or just exploring art with your kids "hands on".  (I am slightly biased.)

So, why is the title of this post "Palette Knives for Artwork"?  Well, I love adding texture in my paintings.  And the things I use to deliver the texture are pallet knives.  I have a few from years ago.  But just recently (last week) purchased a BUNCH of knives.  I was soooo thrilled when they arrived.  It was like Christmas in May. I'm learning that you get totally different effects in your paintings by using the different kinds of palette knives.  To me, this is totally thrilling, exciting and fantastic.  That's another reason I choose to share that in my blog letter today.  

I've added several paintings on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BMaxsonStudios ), Instagram page (@brendamaxson) and will be adding them to my website (www.brendamaxsonartstudios.com ) soon that are painted using knives.  Feel free to go to either one or all, like and follow me.  Also, feel free to share this information as well.  I hope you like them and your friends, too.  

If anyone wishes to purchase something, you can use the link to PayPal:  paypal.me/artclasses  (Copy and paste this into your browser and it will take you to my PayPal page.  And, you don't need to have a PayPal account in order to use it.


Thanks for your time and for enjoying my artwork,


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