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Textured Acrylic Florals

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Brenda is obviously a very talented artist. She is constantly trying new techniques and honing her skills. I own several of her pieces and have gifted others with some as well, and the recipients are impressed with her work too. Brenda, may you continue to give God all the Glory and may He continue to bless your artistic endeavors.
Priscilla Woodward - 17 Dec 2021
I currently am enjoying Brenda's craft and skills proudly displayed in the living room. I could fill the house with her work (but the house is getting kinda full, LOL). Brenda is exceptional with her palette knife work and something wonderful that she has designed and crafted can be found in numerous other media as well. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!
Larry wolter - 4 Aug 2021
As of today I am the proud owner of a set of 4 linking daffodils paintings by Brenda Maxon. She took my request for bright daffodils and royal blue and added exuberant texture and joy. They were destined for the wall in my bedroom but I think they will have to spend a month in my front room so I can show them off and celebrate glorious spring that the represent. Brenda, you caught my idea and gave it reality just perfectly. Thank you SO MUCH!
Celia - 26 Mar 2021
Brenda you are a skilled and clever artist! Always expanding yourself and honing your techniques. Your art is beautiful and so are you!
Sam Sherwood - 28 Nov 2020
Good job on your website.
HOWARD C. MAXSON - 27 Aug 2020
Very nice love your work you are right about Gods gift to us every time I see a sunset I know it’s our family members in heaven painting us the beauty of heaven and letting us know they are with god and happy
Roland - 5 Dec 2019
nicely done
edward p hammond - 18 Nov 2019
This is lovely, Brenda!! So happy for you. What a blessing to be so talented, and to use those talents to glorify God!
Rachel Tribunella - 16 Nov 2019
Carol Clarke - 25 Oct 2019
Isn't it wonderful being able to use these years of your life to create as God created you to do! I love that in doing so we are reflecting His image in us!
Lois Stickler - 22 Oct 2019
I really enjoyed looking through the pictures. Beautiful work! Your really talented.
Shellie - 24 Jun 2019
I am happy for you. Your art reflect God's beauty. My wish is to be able to afford a website too. God loves you immensely. Thank you for being you. Wish wee were friends on FB. Thank you. Orly
Orly Tiongco - 13 May 2019
Very beautiful work Brenda !! You are very gifted !!
Christine Hagen - 27 Apr 2019
Doing a wonderful job Brenda.everything looks great.
Sandy Given - 2 Apr 2019
Beautiful work!
Danielle Lumpkins - 17 Feb 2019
Very beautiful full of color I do enjoy color
Wood burning by Margaret - 18 Dec 2018
Those are great nana!♡
Cora - 16 Dec 2018
Great things here to be had and In time I will. Praying you always stay inspired. Much Love .
Nyana - 15 Dec 2018
Well done Brenda, it looks awesome!
Melanie - 15 Dec 2018
Nice job Dear. 1-4-3, U-F-O
Howard Maxson - 15 Dec 2018
Very nice
Carol Tucker - 14 Dec 2018
Your pieces are beautiful just like the artist that painted them...
Lisa Farr - 14 Dec 2018
Simply beautiful!!
Norine Dowling - 14 Dec 2018
The artwork is fabulous!! Love your work B. Maxson!!
Rushteen Dowling-Hughes - 14 Dec 2018
Comments are always welcome. Thank you for yours.